Splash Your Way To Health


It is not easy to get into a healthy habit. Exercising is boring and we don’t find the time. Swimming can make exercising so much easier. You can even make your kids swim and keep their body healthy. Your body can enjoy the benefits of swimming.

  1. Whole Body Exercise

Swimming is a work out that affects all parts of the body. This is one exercise that increases your heart rate without being strenuous. It tones your muscles while also builds strength. It improves our physical endurance.

Each of the different styles of swimming focuses on a different set of muscles. The water presents a mild resistance which makes the work out very effective.

  1. Strong Inside

Among the benefits of swimming, is its ability to strengthen you from inside. It strengthens the lungs and heart. Researchers opine the swimmers had a better lifespan than non-swimmers. It also helps in reducing our blood pressure and sugar levels.

  1. Good For Even The Injured

Swimming is an exercise that can be undertaken even by the injured. Swimming is seen to reduce pain and help to recover from injuries faster. There is also a good effect on people with arthritis. The pain and stiffness are reduced to a great extent.

People who are unable to take more strenuous exercises can go for swimming.

  1. Good For Asthmatic Patients

Other benefits of swimming include improvement in breathing for people with asthma. Holding of breath can improve the performance of your lungs thus giving you control over breathing. However, care must be taken to see that the pools don’t contain chlorinated water. Consult your doctor before you start swimming.

  1. Good For People With Multiple Sclerosis

Swimming has been proved to be good for people with MS. The water gives the necessary buoyancy to the limbs thus supporting the body. The water also provides resistance. Patients with MS who underwent a swimming program for 20 weeks reported a substantial reduction in pain. They also reported relief from symptoms of depression, fatigue, and disability.

  1. Burns Calories

Among the best benefits of swimming is its ability to burn your fat. Swimming probably is the best exercise for burning your calories and reducing your weight. Swimming burns more calories than walking or yoga.

With so many benefits, it is wise to train our children to take to swimming from their young age itself so that it becomes a habit.

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