Sculpt Your Butts And Legs

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We will do anything to get those sculpted butts and shapely legs. We will try any exercise that will bring us the best results. Out of all that experts have tried two have scored as the best for these parts of the body – squats, and lunges. But then there arises us the question which one is better than the other. What is the difference between these two?

Through this article, we will try to get the squats and leg lunges explained. Both the exercises are body weight exercises. When we see the differences, we find that both have slightly different effects on the body.

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Muscle Activation

When it comes to the activation of muscles both have an effect on the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. When you do the lunge, which is a single leg exercise the glutes and hamstrings get a better exercise. It is the quads which are benefited when you do the squats. However, if you can go lower or take a wider stance, the squat can work on your glutes and hamstrings too.

Let us now try to get the squats and leg lunges explained.


When you start with squats it is best to practice the box squat or the chair squat. You should push your hip backward. The knees should be pushed outwards. The weight of your body should be on the heels. You should ensure that your knees are behind the level of your toes.


If there is an imbalance between the two legs, the lunge is the best way to solve it. This exercise also helps to practice stability. When you practice the lunge ensure that the knees are not inwards. The weight of the body should be on the heel of the front leg. It should not come on the toes. Your pressure should be on the leg which is kept forward.

Practice Both

When we see squats and leg lunges explained it is quite evident that for a wholesome effect you need to do both the exercises. This is because both have a focused impact on a different set of muscles. It is important for the development of legs and butts to do both the squat and the lunge. When you do both exercises it gives the same effect of walking, running, going up the stairs and standing up from a sitting position. These combined actions keep your joints healthy and safe from injuries.

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