Rowing For A Better You


A rowing machine is one that can be called a complete exercise machine. It gives all parts of your body a good workout. It is the best piece of equipment for sweating your fat out. Once you are on the rowing machine every one of your muscles are going to be exercised.

A home rowing machine is even good for people who have a problem with their knees. It is not as high impact an exercise machine. Care should be taken when you use the rowing machine. Get correct guidance and then use the machine. So, what are the muscles worked with a rowing machine?

How Does It Work

You start your exercise by giving a push with your legs. This move known as the catch in the rowing terminology uses the large muscles in our body namely the quadriceps, hamstrings and the gluteus maximus. These muscles are at the front and back of the thighs and at the back of the hips.

The next move transmits the power generated by the push of the legs through back and arms to the handle of the rower. Here the muscles worked with a rowing machine will include those in the midsection of the body. The muscles around your midsection will contract to support the lower spine which will otherwise collapse your back and cause injury.

The next move when you pull the handle towards you will work the muscles between your shoulder blades while pulling the shoulders back. The muscles beneath your armpits will work when you pull your upper arms back. The muscles worked with a rowing machine in this movement are the muscles of your upper body.

Your biceps are exercised when you pull the handle back to yourselves bending your elbow. The triceps come into play when you leave the handles to go to their original position to start the next cycle. Here the muscles of your arms and chest get exercised.

When you move forward to start the next cycle, your hamstrings work to bend your knees. The muscles worked with a rowing machine in this movement includes the hip flexor muscle. This muscle contracts to flex your hips and push you forward. The rectus femoris, one of your quadriceps also work in this movement.

Thus, we see how the rowing machine helps to work all our muscles in the body, making it one of the best exercise machines.

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